Creatine Kinase MB is an enzyme present in the cardiac muscle with a molecular weight of 87.0 kDa. Creatine Kinase is a dimeric molecule formed from two subunits designated as “M” and “B” which combine to form three different isoenzymes, CK-MM, CKBB and CK-MB. CK-MB is the isoenzyme of Creatine Kinase most involved in the metabolism of cardiac muscle tissue. The release of CK-MB into the blood following MI can be detected with 3-8 hours after the onset of symptoms. It peaks within 9-30 hours, and returns to baseline level within 48-72 hours.

Cassette Buffer Dropper 2
Product NameSpecimenFormatSensitivityCatalog No.Certifications
CK-MB Rapid TestSerum/PlasmaCassette5 ng/mlGECKM-302aCE Marked, Not For US Market
Uncut SheetGECKM-304CE Marked, Not For US Market
Whole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCassette5 ng/mlGECKM-402aCE Marked, Not For US Market
Uncut SheetGECKM-404CE Marked, Not For US Market