Cardiac Myoglobin/CK-MB/cTnl Combo


Myoglobin, Creatine Kinase MB and cardiac Troponin I are proteins released into bloodstream after cardiac injury. Myoglobin is released into blood rapidly when muscle cells are damaged. CK-MB is released into blood, following an MI and this can be detected within 3-8 hours after onset of symptoms. Troponin I is part of a three sub-unit complex comprised of Troponin T and Troponin C. Along with tropomyosin, this structural complex forms the main component that regulates the calcium sensitive ATPase activity of actomyosin in striated skeletal and cardiac muscle. Troponin I is released into blood 4-6 hours after onset of pain.

The Myoglobin/CK-MB/Troponin I combo Test Device is a qualitative membrane based immunoassay for the for the detection of the three proteins.

Cassette Buffer Dropper 2
Product NameSpecimenFormatSensitivityCatalog No.Certifications
Myoglobin/CK-MB/cTnl ComboWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaCassette50/5/0.5 ng/mlGDCAR-435aCE Marked, Not For US Market