Fecal Occult Blood (iFOB)

Gastrointestinal diseases may cause occult (hidden) blood in stool. In the early stages, gastrointestinal problems such as colon cancer, ulcers, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, and fissures may not show any visible symptoms, only occult blood. Traditional guaiac-based method lacks sensitivity and specificity to test for fecal occult blood, and has diet-restriction prior to the testing.

The One-Step Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test is a rapid test to qualitatively detect low levels of fecal occult blood in feces. The test uses double antibody sandwich assay to selectively detect as low as 50ng/mL of hemoglobin or 6 μg hemoglobin/g feces. In addition, unlike the guaiac assays, the accuracy of the test is not affected by the diet of the patients.


Cassette Buffer Dropper 3
Product NameSpecimenFormatSensitivityCatalog No.Certifications
iFOB Fecal Occult Blood Rapid TestFecesStrip50 ng/mlGEFOB-601aCE Marked, FDA CLIA Waived
CassetteGEFOB-602aCE Marked, FDA CLIA Waived
Uncut SheetGEFOB-604aNot For US Market
Strip100 ng/mlGEFOB-601bCE Marked, Not for US Market
CassetteGEFOB-602bNot for US Market
Uncut SheetGEFOB-604bCE Marked, Not for US Market
iFOB/Transferrin ComboFecesCassette 10 ng/ml; 50 ng/mlGEFOB/TF-602aCE Marked, Not for US Market