Canine Parvovirus (CPV)


The Healgen Rapid CPV Test Kit is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Canine Parvovirus antigen in canine feces.

The Healgen Rapid Canine Parvovirus Test Kit has a letter of “T” and “C” as test line and control line on the surface of the device. Both the test line and control line in result window are not visible before applying any samples. The control line is used for procedural control. Control line should be always appearing if the test procedure is performed properly and the test reagents of control line are working. A purple test line will be visible in the result window if there is enough Parvovirus antigen in the specimen.

The specially selector Canine Parvovirus antibodies are used in test band as both capture and detector materials. These enable the Healgen Rapid CPV  Test Kit to identify Canine Parvovirus antigen in canine feces with a high degree of accuracy.


Product NameSpecimenFormatCatalog No.Packaging
CPV Antigen TestFecesTest KitGFCPV-602a10 pcs/box
CPV Antibody TestTest KitGFCPV(Ab)-402a10 pcs/box
CCV/CPV ComboTest KitGFCCV/CPV(Ag)-602a10 pcs/box

Storage: At room temperature (2~30℃).

Reading time: at 5-10 minutes. Do not read result after 20 min.

For veterinary diagnostic use only.

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