Toxoplasma Gondii Antibody (Tg Ab)


The Healgen Tg Ab Rapid Test is a chromatographic immunoassay kit for the rapid, qualitative detection of all antibodies (IgG, IgM, IgA) against T. gondii, in serum, plasma, and whole blood from feline or swine.

The obligate intracellular protozoan Toxoplasma gondii is ubiquitously distributed and infects a wide range of warm-blooded hosts, including up to 30% of the human population worldwide. Infection of immunocompetent humans is most often asymptomatic, but leads to lifelong persistence of the parasite. T. gondii may lead to life-threatening disease in fetuses or new borns from primarily infected mothers or after reactivation of dormant parasites in immunocompromised patients such as AIDS or other immunosuppressive therapy.

The nitrocellulose membrane of this kit is immobilized with T. gondii-Specific antigens in test line, and with goat anti-mouse antibodies in the control line. T. gondii-Specific antigens is conjugated to the colloidal gold particles. The conjugate is placed on a polyester or glass fiber as conjugate pad. When the sample is dropped into the sample well on the device, the now soluble conjugate migrates with the sample by passive diffusion and both the conjugate and sample come into contact with the antibody that immobilized onto the nitrocellulose. If the sample contains T. gondii antibodies, the result is visible in the form of a red line within approximately 10 minutes in the test line of the membrane. The solution continues to migrate to encounter a control reagent that binds a control conjugate, thereby producing another red control line.


Product NameSpecimenFormatCatalog No.Packaging
Tg Ab TestWhole Blood/Serum/PlasmaTest KitGFTg(Ab)-402a10 pcs/box

Storage: At room temperature (2~30℃).

Reading time: at 5-10 minutes. Do not read result after 20 min.

For veterinary diagnostic use only.