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Accelerate your next breakthrough in diagnostics and therapeutics

Healgen Scientific develops, manufactures, and commercializes in-vitro diagnostic test systems worldwide. Our comprehensive portfolio of high quality, tailored solutions span multiple testing categories and analytes to meet various clinical and laboratory needs. Our devices include rapid visual tests, digital point of care (POC) devices, molecular diagnostics, and multiplex flow cytometry. Since our inception in 2007, we have strived to develop devices that meet and exceed industry standards. The manufacturing process is supported by our interactive and highly skilled Research and Development team, who are actively redefining the efficiency and design of our products.

Industry focus

Every collaboration is unique. With your endpoint in mind, we tailor each relationship to meet your needs. ​By partnering with 120+ business partners worldwide, we currently provide products to customers in: USA, Europe, Middle-East, South Asia, Africa and Latin America for a total of 120+ countries. Our mission is to ensure our partners and distributors to be successful much faster by providing premier support. We have a flexible strategy on business collaboration, where we offer multiple options, including direct distribution, OEM, private labeling,       

co-development. Our success is supported by our professional personnel and good manufacturing practice.

Diagnostic development

Sensitive, specific, and consistent. Covering a wide range of disease areas, including COVID-19 and other Infectious Diseases, Toxicology, Pregnancy & Fertility, Urinalysis, Oncology, we provide a various portfolio across the IVD sector, from laboratory tests and rapid assay platforms through to companion diagnostics and clinical trials. All our products are produced in compliance with the FDA's Quality Systems Regulations (21 CFR, Part 803, 806 and 820), ISO 13485 and GMP.

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