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FSH Menopause Rapid Detection Kit

The FSH Menopause Rapid Test is a rapid lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) at the sensitivity of 25 mIU/mL in urine to evaluate the onset of menopause in women. The test utilizes a combination of antibodies including a monoclonal anti-FSH antibody to selectively detect elevated levels of FSH. At the level of claimed sensitivity, the FSH menopause test shows no cross-reactivity interference from the structurally related glycoprotein hormones hCG, hLH and hTSH at high physiological levels.


Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation but is usually not scientifically diagnosed until one full year

after a woman‘s menstrual periods have stopped. The period leading up to menopause, and the 12 months following, is known as perimenopause. Many women experience symptoms during this time including hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycles, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, hair loss, anxiety and mood swings, short-term memory loss and fatigue. The onset of perimenopause is caused by changes in the levels of hormones in the female body that regulate the menstrual cycle. As the body produces less and less estrogen, it increases its production of FSH, which normally regulates the development of a female‘s eggs. Therefore, testing for FSH can help determine whether a woman is in the perimenopause stage. If a woman knows she is perimenopausal, she can take the appropriate steps to keep her body healthy and avoid the health risks associated with menopause, which include osteoporosis, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, and increased risk of heart disease.


International Distribution Only - Not Available in the US


  • Two band results for simple interpretation

  • Qualitative detection of FSH

  • Room temperature storage or refrigerated (2-30⁰C)

  • Internal control included

  • Reagents included

  • Droppers included (for cassettes use only)


  • Cut-off: 25 mIU/mL

  • Specimen: Urine

  • Time to Results: 5 minutes

  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture

Ordering Information



(CE Marked)

FSH Menopause Rapid Test
100 Tests/Kit


(CE Marked)

FSH Menopause Rapid Test
25 Tests/Kit
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