Vaginal pH Analysis Test

The Vaginal pH Rapid Test is a semi-quantitative, reagent based test that utilizes the double indicator system, which provides a broad range of colors that are used for interpretation. This color change can be used to associate pH levels of vaginal secretion. Vaginal pH test strips are designed specifically to monitor vaginal pH levels.


Lactobacilli bacteria reside in the vagina and secrete lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct, which give the vagina its acidic pH level. A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. A pH level within this range can help to keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay. Abnormal values are those that are higher or lower than this range. Higher ranges are more alkaline and may cause infections as it can allow bacteria and yeast to thrive. Abnormal vaginal pH frequently indicates the presence of a vaginal infection.


  • Collection swab included

  • Color reference chart for interpretation

  • Room temperature storage or refrigerated (2-30⁰C)


  • Test Range: < 3.0 - 7.0

  • Specimen: Vaginal Secretion

  • Time to Results: 30 seconds

  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacture

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