Exciting News from Healgen! Our URS Test Strips are Now 510(k) Approved!
Date: November 07,2023 Publisher: Healgen

Congratulations to Healgen® for achieving 510(k) approval for their URS Test Strip on June19, 2023! This significant milestone underscores the company's commitment to delivering innovative and reliable medical solutions. The FDA's clearance reflects the thorough evaluation of the test strip's safety and effectiveness, reinforcing confidence in its clinical utility. With this regulatory milestone, Healgen® has positioned itself as a trusted player in the healthcare industry, contributing to improved diagnostic capabilities. The 510(k) approval opens new avenues for providing accurate and timely information to healthcare professionals, ultimately benefiting patients. Cheers to Healgen® for this noteworthy accomplishment, paving the way for advancements in medical diagnostics and patient care.