Instruments & Accessories
FAS-2000 FISH Auto System
  • Key Benefits:
    Only 3 human manipulations: the addition of probes, coverslips and counterstaining
    7 liquid feed channels to meet different experimental needs.
    Automatic recording of experimental processes, node prompts, and traceability of results.
  • Specifications:
    High Throughput: Up to 24 slide samples can be processed simultaneously.
    Less Reagent Dosage: Only 40mL is required for a single sample.
    Efficient Temperature Control: Precise temperature control±0.5℃, rapid heating and cooling (30-95℃).
    Design Experiments Flexibly: Three independent running modules allow experiments to run at different temperatures simultaneously.
    Secure Structure: Liquid path and electrocircuit space isolation.
    All-in-one Design: Large touch screen software operation, new humanized operation interface, greatly improve customer’s experience.
    Wide Range of Applications: Histology (FFPE samples), Cytology (urine), Hematology (bone marrow, blood samples) and Genetics (chorionic villi, amniotic fluid), etc.
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Ordering Information
Product Model
24 Slides
Number of Program
FFPE, Cell samples (blood, bone marrow, urine, amniotic fluid)
Instrument Function
Pre-treatment, gradient dehydration, co-denaturation, hybridization, washing
Dosing Volume
Temperature and Accuracy
25℃-95℃, +0.5℃
Liquid Filling Accuracy
Alcohol homogeneity
Operating Procedure
100 built-in customizations