Urinalysis Strips
Urinalysis Strips
The Urine Reagent Strips (URS) for Urinalysis are firm plastic strips to which several different reagent areas are affixed. Depending on the product being used, Urine Reagent Strips provide tests in urine for up to 14 different items. Urinalysis Strips are in vitro diagnostic tests that utilize a series of visual, semi-quantitative reagent pads to analyze urine properties. Results aid in detecting or monitoring conditions indicating possible diabetes, metabolic abnormalities, liver diseases, kidney function, and urinary tract infections. Test results can be used along with other diagnostic information to rule out certain disease states and to determine if microscopic analysis is needed.
  • Key Benefits:
    CE , FDA 510(k) Cleared
    Analytical sensitivity comparable to market leaders
    Compatible for visual and analyzer reading
    Automated production, more stable product performance
    OEM available, multiple combinations and packaging options
  • Specifications:
    Testing Items: Up to 14 parameters
    Specimen: Urine
    Time to Result: Within 2 minutes
    Shelf Life:24 Months
Some of the SKUs are available for sale exclusively outside the US. Please contact us for more information.