Isothermal Amplifier
Gene Scoper HG-I202
It is based on the principle of isothermal amplification and fluorescence monitoring technology makes the result accurate. And two and four-module configurations are available with a user-friendly interface to set up the program and compact shape. And stable, accurate temperature control ensures the amplification conditions.
  • Key Benefits:
    - Faster
    Unparalleled testing speed, positive result in 8 minutes
    - Multiplex Assay
    Multiple pathogens can be detected on the same machine at the same time
    - Anywhere
    Small portable to suit the changing applications
    - Reliable
    Molecular test
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Ordering Information
Instrument Model
Functional Features
Qualitative testing
Display Screens
LCD display
L118× W114× H121mm
542 g
Data Storage
2000 articles
Reaction Time
Sample Size
2 hole
Reaction Tubes
DNase and RNase-free 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes
Reaction Volume
Temperature Control Range
Room Temperature~70℃
Excitation Wavelength
Absorption Wavelength
Fluorescent Detection Dyes
F1: FAM/SYBR Green I F2: ROX