Flow Lattice Analyzer
Based on the flow cytometry technology. With the help of hydrodynamics, optics, machinery, temperature control, software, and microspheres, it can analyze up to 100 analytes in a single test sample at the same time.
  • Key Benefits:
    High throughput
    High Sensitivity
    Rapid Detection
    Deliver more data from less sample
  • Specifications:
    Product Name Flow Lattice Analyzer
    Model Mplex-M100
    Optical Channel Three fluorescence signal detection channels,
    one laser excitation, one scattered light channel.
    Test Rate 96 Tests/hour
    Multiplex Capacity 20
    Sample Volume 10 µL
    Applications Protein/Nucleic Acid
    Maintenance Power ON/OFF maintenance.
    Power save mode.
    Automatic cleaning during measurement.
    (Length*Width*Height) 484 mm*390 mm*390 mm
    Weight 30.9kg
    1. Liquid chip fluorescence detection technology.
    2. Micro specimens & multiple indexes.
    3. Rapid detection.
    4. High sensitivity, accuracy and precision.
    5. Easy operation and maintenance.
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