10x Genomics Single-Cell Sequencing
NGS services at Healgen Lab in Houston

Healgen NGS lab has next generation sequencing platforms from both Illumina and Element Biosciences. The libraries and data files for these platforms are compatible. We are able to provide competitive prices and high quality of data, with quality scores exceed Q40 (>99.99% accuracy), and 90% -97% of the data exceed Q30.

We offer
  • DNA Sequencing
    Whole genome/exome sequencing Metagenome sequencing
    Shotgun metagenome sequencing.
    16S/18S/ITS sequencing.
    Targeted genome sequencing
    Custom NGS panel.
    Commercially available NGS panel.
  • DNA Methylome Sequencing
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Single Cell Sequencing

Understand the uniqueness and preciousness of your samples.Can optimize our protocols to meet your specific needs.Provide high-quality Next-generation Sequence(NGS) with competitivelow price and a timely manner.

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