Handheld Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer
OG-G300 The measurement system of the instrument automatically carries out photoelectric reaction to the binding area of the marker and the to-be-tested material on the test card after the reaction, and obtains the electrical signal, and then the instrument automatically analyzes the signal to provide rapid test results.
  • Key Benefits:
    Fast detection
    Remote, Test in anywhere, anytime
    Small Size, easy to carry
    Machines automatize interpretation, More accurate
  • Specifications:
    Display: IPS Color Capacitive screens, 720*1280-pixel resolution
    Network: Wi-Fi /BT/ GSM
    Speed: <7 seconds/pic
    Data Storage: 10,000 groups
    Thermal Printer: Support, heat sensitivity
    CV: <3%
    Power Supply: 12V, 5A
    Dimensions: 240 mm×94 mm×62 mm
    Weight: 1 kg
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