Mini Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer
OG- H100 The measurement system of the instrument automatically excites the binding area of the fluorescent marker and the to-be-detected object on the reagent strip after the reaction, and the fluorescent marker is excited to emit fluorescence, and then the optical signal is obtained by the camera, and then the instrument will automatically analyze the photoelectrical signals to provide rapid qualitative detection results of target at only one step.
  • Key Benefits:
    Fast detection
    Remote, Test in anywhere, anytime
    Small Size, easy to carry.
    Machines automatize interpretation, more accurate.
  • Specifications:
    Network: Wi-Fi
    Speed: 3-5 seconds/pic
    Data Storage: 255 groups
    Power Supply: AC100V~AC240V
    Dimensions: 110 mm×70 mm×45 mm
    Weight: ≤110 g (excluding batteries)
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